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Chakras – The Basics

The word chakra is derived from the Sanskrit word “wheel”, referring to the many energy centers spinning throughout our bodies. There are 7 main chakras which are aligned along the spine beginning at the base and extending to the top of the head. As the chakras spin, an invisible energy or life force, called subtle energy or Prana, flows throughout our body. Color, frequency and function are associated with each one and correspond to specific organs, as well as, emotional, mental and spiritual states.

Our chakras are a reflection of how we eat, sleep, think, feel, believe and live. For instance, poor diets, unexpressed emotions and negative thoughts create imbalance, blocks, illness and overall bad health. Of course, we have to eat well and exercise but, it’s equally important to express ourselves, release emotions, and be positive, loving, and flexible. When our chakras are open, we experience vitality, well-being and vibrant health.

Our chakras help us identify the root cause of our illness. Awareness is key. Daily meditation on the chakras can help us become more aware. Once we recognize the emotion, psychological aspect or spiritual truth behind our illness or blocked chakra, then we can heal much faster.


1. ROOT – (Red; C Note)

Location: Base of Spine.

Essence: Basic needs met, feeling secure, safe and grounded.

Physically: Bladder and colon.

Blocked: Insecure, unmet needs, disconnected. Constipation, low energy, sleep issues.

2. Sacral Chakra – (Orange; D Note)

Location: 2 inches below navel.

Essence: Creative, passionate, sexual, ability to honor others, express emotions and take risks.

Physical: Reproductive system, intestines.

Blocked: Sexual and reproductive issues, lower back problems, low self-worth, creatively stuck, guilt and shame.

3. SOLAR PLEXUS - (Yellow; E Note)

Location: Above navel in upper abdomen.

Essence: Self-esteem, self-confidence, trusting gut feelings and relationship with parents.

Physical: Spleen, pancreas, stomach, kidneys, adrenals, liver, gallbladder, pancreas.

Blocked: Powerlessness, self-critical, lack trust in self, digestive problems, liver dysfunction, chronic fatigue, high blood pressure, diabetes, ulcers.

4. HEART- (Green; F Note)

Location: Middle of chest.

Essence: Ability to give and receive love. Feeling joy, compassion and gratitude. Unites the 3 lower chakras with the 3 higher ones.Connects our body, mind and soul.

Physical: Heart and Lungs.

Blocked: Asthma, heart disease, breast issues, lymphatic systems, upper back and shoulders. Sadness, anger, grief and lack of forgiveness.

5. THROAT - (Bright blue; G Note)

Location: Bottom of throat.

Essence: Communication, speaking our truth, expressing our creativity and gifts.

Physical: Thyroid, jaw, throat.

Blocked: Thyroid issues, TMJ, throat and ear infections, ulcers, facial issues, neck and shoulder pain, problems communicating, holding back feelings.

6. 3rd EYE (Indigo; A Note)

Location: Center of forehead above brow.

Essence: Awareness and trusting intuition.

Physical: Brain, pineal gland.

Blocked: Unfocused, worrying, foggy, and unable to receive insight or follow intuition. Headaches, blurred vision, sinus and hormone issues and hearing loss.

7. CROWN (B Note; Violet or White)

Location: Crown of head.

Essence: Connection to Higher Power, higher self. Relationship with time, music and higher thinking.

Physical: Brain

Blocked: Depression, lack faith in Spirit and self-knowledge, rigid beliefs, overwhelmed by life.

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