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Get in Sync with Synchronicity – 6 Steps to Show You How

In the 1950’s, Carl Jung brought the phenomena of synchronicity to light. It’s described as a “meaningful coincidence”. There’s an invisible, intelligent force guiding us and pulling us in a certain direction. Through these meaningful experiences, we receive messages from the Universe or higher power that validates that we’re on the right path. Our purpose is to use and share our gifts and be our authentic self. When we’re in “sync” with life and are in the flow, what we need shows up.

Common synchronicities are seeing repetitive numbers, such as 11:11 or receiving a phone call from a friend we were just thinking about or getting an answer to a question from a complete stranger. Our rational minds cannot make sense of this, nor should we try.

Whatever name you want to call it, Spirit, the Universe or intuition, this force is constantly trying to get our attention to get us on track. The misconception is that some people are luckier or get more guidance than others. The truth is, those who pay attention and are clear about their intentions, will recognize the signs and accept the guidance. The signs are there for all of us and has nothing to do with luck.

Here are 6 tips to increase synchronicities:

  1. Be Aware - First, we must be aware of what vibration we are putting out there. We might want to have more money in our bank account, but we won’t find the synchronicities that lead us to opportunities if deep down inside we really don’t believe it’s possible. Tune into the universe by listening and paying attention. The signs are all around us, but often they are ignored because they aren’t packaged the way we envisioned. Be open.

  2. Cultivate the Synchronicities - Acknowledge when it happens. When you keep seeing the repetitive numbers, sit in meditation, look up numerical values for interpretations and try to understand the message. Remember, this is a job for our intuition and not our logical mind.

  3. - Many times we see red flags at the start of a relationship or job, but choose to ignore them. We are being guided, but our logical mind or ego can get in the way. When we’re on our path we feel enthusiastic and inspired. Spirit isn’t negative. Our ego tells us we can’t do it for a variety of reasons. Trust Spirit will pull us in the direction that helps us fulfill our purpose.

  4. Go with the flow – We have to let go of how we will accomplish what we want or how the outcome will look like. Just like riding the wave in the ocean, if we fight it we won’t get far. If we take the wave in, no matter how frightening, it’ll take us to the shore. When we resist or push in a direction that’s not in alignment with who we are, we will struggle, feel depleted and uninspired. The universe will present opportunities for a change of course. The longer we wait, the stronger the push.

  5. Believe in possibilities - Rigidity or limiting beliefs keep us stuck and don’t encourage us to follow our guidance. Sometimes we have to limit contact with certain individuals who are negative or make us fearful and don’t encourage us to follow the synchronicities. Monitor your thoughts and stay positive.

  6. Stay centered - Being centered means we take time every day to connect with our higher selves and Spirit through meditation or prayer. As we focus on our heart and solar plexus, we get in touch with our feelings, intuition and guidance. Getting centered helps clean out our thoughts, open our hearts and expand our awareness.

We attract what’s happening in our life and we’re constantly being guided towards what we need. When we pay attention to the signs, we’ll discover endless possibilities and a very fulfilling life.

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