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These are exciting times for Sound Healing! Sound and Music have been used for healing and spiritual connection since ancient times and are now being recognized as valid therapy by our modern day scientific community!

Scientists agree with what the ancient mystics already knew:  the universe is a symphony of sound. Everything is energy and vibrates at its own frequency. Therefore, if everything has its own frequency, then it also has its own unique sound. That includes every cell in our body.


What does this mean for you?


We are vibratory beings and have our own unique frequency that sometimes gets out of balance due to stress, illness, negativity or toxins in our environment. The good news is we can tap into vibrations that will restore us back to our natural equilibrium.

Sound travels in waves through solid materials, water, our ears, and every cell of our bodies. Since our bodies are made up of mostly water, sound can easily penetrate the cells and vibrate them back to their optimal state.

As we resonate with the sound, our brain waves shift, our consciousness expands, our mind becomes clearer, and our nervous system is altered.

As you experience a Group Sound Healing (Sound Bath) or a one-on-one session combined with a Tera Mai Energy Healing, you will feel magical vibrations flowing freely into the secrets caves of your mind, body and soul. This experience will help you relax, release and renew!


The vibration of music will transform your life!!


Ride the Sonic Wave!!




          your life


When you are ill or have a chronic disease, your body/mind/soul is out of alignment and not flowing properly. You might feel depressed, sick, tired or just not yourself. By listening and experiencing the vibration of sound (music, sacred instruments, toning) your body will naturally “resonate” with the sound that matches your frequency and bring you back to your healthy state. This process is called “entrainment”. It means that when two subjects are stimulated by the same vibrtaional frequency, they will then resonate in sympathy. In otherwords, they match each other's frequency.





Your Greatest Self


Shamans and all healers from all cultures have used music, chanting and sound to heal. Sound Healing is similar to Tera Mai, Reiki and energy healing in that it converts spiritual Light into sound waves. I use both energy healing (Tera Mai) and sound to penetrate your whole being. I will take you on a Sonic Journey where you will recognize, on a cellular level, what needs to be healed. Then you can release what is no longer needed and renew your frequency to its optimal level.

LA Sound Healing Sound Bath
LA Sound Healing Sound Bath
LA Sound Healing Sound Bath

Frequency Shifter

LA Sound Healing Sound Bath
LA Sound Healing Sound Bath

Therapeutic Musician

Tuning Forks for Sound Therapy

Biofield Tuning

Sound Bath


As I relaxed into the sound I felt as if I was floating in the galaxies. My whole being seemed to dissolve & released blocks as I heard the gong. Then as the journey continued I felt as if I was being reassembled and brought back into harmony within myself. This experience was truly powerful!



LA Sound Healing Biofield Tuning
LA Sound Healing Sound Bath

I felt emotions I hadn't felt in decades. These emotions were linked to some of my physical problems.  I was able to face the emotions, let them go and then I felt truly energized! Thank you Monique.



I'm so amazed by the power of the sound and music. I experienced many past lives just within a half hour. Unbelievable!



I had an individual healing and I must say I've never experienced something like this before. My whole being was engaged. It was as if the sound took over and brought a peace I haven't felt in years! I felt so good afterwards!!




LA Sound Healing Sound Bath



See deep enough and you see musically the heart of nature being everywhere in music,

if you can only reach it.      

               Thomas Carlye





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