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La Sound Healing Tuning Forks
What is Biofield Tuning?
LA Sound Healing Tuning Forks
LA Sound Healing Biofield Tuning

How Distance Healing Works. Includes Skype

For a quick explanation, please watch this video below by Eileen Day McKusick, founder of Biofield Tuning

Our Energy Field is also called an Aura or Biofield.  Energy can be "stuck" in our field due to unexpressed emotions, traumas and experiences. Sound is used to create space by breaking up this stuck energy, so it can finally be released. When we don't release these blocks, they can manifest into negative beliefs, physical issues and drain your overall energy making you susceptible to dis-ease.

Pets benefit as well from Biofield Tuning.

Watch Little Lou Lou marie get her Tune-up!

Biofield Tuning will bring you back to your unique, optimal frequency. You'll feel refreshed, energized, balanced, grounded and connected. You'll be empowered to live from your authentic self!

Sound Healing can be beneficial for stress, grief, anxiety, chronic conditions, PTSD, pain, arthritis, emotional issues, traumas & much more.

Tuning forks are applied on the body and around the body in your Energy Field

LA Sound Healing Biofield Tuning
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