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  • Sound Baths - ONLINE ONLY
  • Therapeutic Harp Music at the bedside for the sick & dying
  • Harp Music for Special Occasions
sound bath, sound healing, sound therapy, energy healing, meditation, balance chakras, alternative medicine, vibrational medicine


March 27, 2020

Biofield Tuning Available on Skype - During the Coronavirus I offer 1 hour  Biofield Tuning Sessions and Sound Baths @ a discounted rate for $75. 

Biofiled Tuning

​​Biofield Tuning - Tuning Fork Sessions

Biofield Tuning  -  1 1/2 hours:  First, an assessment of your chakras is made to determine where to work. Then tuning forks are applied on and around your body (biofield, aura) eliminating the noise, static and blocks often caused by past traumas, unexpressed emotions, fear, illness and more.  Biofield Tuning is especially beneficial for grief, PTSD, anxiety, depression, chronic conditions, digestive issues, self-discovery, increased connection to Spirit & more. Sound healing helps restore you back to your optimal frequency bringing you a sense of clarity, energy, and deeper connection. 


Biofield Tuning Sessions  1 1/2 hrs -  ALL RATES DURING THE PANDEMIC HAVE CHANGED.


1 HOUR Session @ $75 - Package of 3 is $200 ($25 DISCOUNT).   At least, 3 Sessions are generally recommended.

Tuning Relationships - Relationship Session - People, Pets or any type of relationships including Businesses - $75

Various other Sessions Available - Please Inquire

I work on a Sliding Scale. If you need help, but can't afford my prices, please contact me. We will work something out.

Akashic Records - I can open your records as we do a session at no extra charge. Please inquire for more information.

Packages available.  Pandemic Discount now available. Online sessions only.

Recommended at least 3 Biofield sessions with a week between sessions.

Biofield Tuning Sessions for Pets

January 01, 2020

Lou Lou Marie is a 14 year old Toy Poodle with a collapsed trachea When her coughing gets bad or when she seems sluggish, I give her Biofield Tuning. I first assess her chakra to determine where to work. Then, just as with humans, I use the tuning forks in her field and on her body. After this session, she had to immediately go outside to do her business and then she slept for the rest of the day.


After a Biofield Tuning, you can experience detox symptoms, but will eventually feel, clear, balanced and energized. For more info, please contact me @

Sound Bath - Private Session + Couples

A meditative journey that will increase your energy, expand your consciousness, clear your mind, release emotional blocks and bring you to a state of total relaxation. As you lie down on your yoga mat, along with a guided meditation and vocal toning of the chakras, the scared sounds of the gong, harp, handpan, crystal bowls, ocean drum, native drums, flute and chimes will help your body, mind, heart and soul shift back to its harmonious state. Come get your tune-up!

Check out "EVENTS" for latest group events + "Sound Bath Promo" below to view more info on Sound Baths.

Public Sound Baths are at various locations throughout LA & Orange Counties and beyond. Private Session in Santa Monica or a location of your choice.



  • Private Sound Bath for One Person - $100 - 1 hour:  Sound Bath - Immersed in the vibration of the Gong, Crystal Bowls, Harp, Handpan, Shakers, Ocean Drum, American Indian Drums, chimes, & Flute, combined with Hands-on Energy Healing, & crystals.  Will start with an assessment of your chakras and begin with an opening and closing sequence with Tuning Forks.  This sonic journey allows the body, mind, & spirit to relax, release and restore

  •  Private Sound Bath for Two People or more - 1 hour ($150 for 2 to 4 people)– Private Sound bath - deepens connection. 

  • Host a Sound Bath @ Your Home or Business! - Inquire within. Flat Rate

Harp Music

  • Therapeutic Harp music for Seniors, the Sick & Dying - Play healing, soothing harp music for any person of any age, in the hospital, hospice or at home or facility who is suffering from pain, loneliness,  dementia, Alzheimer or other illness or who is actively dying (vigil). Music is specifically arranged according to condition of patient.

  • Harp Music for all Occasions - Candlelight dinner, Art shows, Yoga, Reiki, Massage, Wellness Days, Spa & more.

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sound bath, sound healing, sound therapy, energy healing, meditation, balance chakras, alternative medicine, vibrational medicine

Music without words means leaving behind the mind. And leaving behind the mind is meditation. Meditation returns you to the source. And the source of all is sound.








Music gives a soul to the universe, wings to the mind, flight to the imagination and life to everything.







The inner nature of man is the province of music.


The Wisdom of Confucius


Sound Bath Promo

sound bath, sound healing, sound therapy, energy healing, meditation, balance chakras, alternative medicine, vibrational medicine

Playing Harp Music at the bedside is like bringing Heaven down to Earth!