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Rhyme Setagaya, Japan 2/2/2019

If you found this site, trust your self and book. Incredible experience if you are someone interested in Sound Healing, Monique is great not only by sound but dialogue as well. You can feel she is experienced and attentive throughout the whole process.

12/13/2018 Regina P

I had a private session with tuning forks and I was really blown away at the cathartic emotional release I had and how it alleviated pain in my body. I've been feeling more relaxed and better ever since. I found put about Monique through attending her sound bath at Bhakti Yoga Shala. It was memorizing how the gong, crystal bowls, drums, harp, and other instruments opened my senses and made me aware of the subtle energy around me. I can't say enough good things about sound healing, only that it is a must to try and Monique is worth every penny!

Golden Chakra

2/13/2018 Brittany F

Monique is wonderful, she has a beautiful energy to her. I've been to her a few times, twice for a Sound Healing and once for a tuning fork Healing and every single time i have left, it has unblocked any energy that i have been holding onto that i needed to let go and move on from. It has also brought clarity to certain that we're going on from my past and on current situations in my life. My favorite part is the Gong, i just can't explain it any other way then it takes me on a journey and i can't feel my body anymore and it gives me a natural high of euphoric energy. Every session has been beautiful for me and i am so thankful that i found Monique. You won't be disappointed. She goes with whatever calls to her, which i feel is what the Universe is telling her you need in order to help you heal. I will continue going to her for little tune ups. So thank you Monique for being who you are and sharing your beautiful gift with the rest of us!

7/8/2017 Leigh-Anne L.

Monique is an amazing, super talented sound healer.  She performed a sound bath last night for a group that I host at my home, and it was such an incredible experience. I specifically chose Monique for this event because despite attending many sound baths with different folks, hers always sticks out in my mind as being special and memorable.  

Last night, she arrived early to set up and greeted the participants as they arrived.  Monique is not only incredibly professional, but she has a wonderful, kind, personable energy.  Before the actual sound bath, she gave a short discussion of sound healing and the benefits before leading us through some vocal toning.  Her presentation style was very engaging, clear, and confident - I honestly feel like she gave the most compelling and interesting explanation of sound healing that I have heard.  The sound bath itself was very powerful, and many women reported having deep experiences. It was a really beautiful night.

I know that Monique offers sound baths at Bhakti Yoga Shala in Santa Monica, Pilates X in Long Beach, and through private sessions.  I highly recommend getting on her email list and/or visiting her website to see what she has to offer.  Thank you Monique!!


Maggie L Harbor City - 6/1/2017

This review comes a good few months after my sound bath with Monique. Yes, I'm a horrible procrastinator when it comes to Yelp reviews. But the fact that I'm still thinking about this experience months later should tell you something about what Monique can do.

You won't be getting a New-Agey music concert, and you won't be getting a bunch of discordant, disconnected sounds that distract you from the treatment, either. As an adult on the autism spectrum, I've been unusually sensitive to sound for as long as I can remember, and I was worried at the time that some of the sounds would be jarring or actively painful- they weren't. Not all of the sounds were pleasant to me, but it was more like the feeling you get when someone's massaging a difficult muscle, or the sensation that the aspirin you took is starting to get to work on your headache- like there's something bad being worked out of your body, not something negative and painful being imposed on it.

What I got out of the treatment wasn't flashy or dramatic, but it was amazingly helpful: I had an easier time staying calm and feeling positive about things, and my brain worked more efficiently, cruising from one task to the next without getting bogged down in unnecessary details, unhelpful worries, or general executive dysfunction. I'd love to try this again. In the meantime, if you're thinking about trying a sound bath, I'd wholeheartedly recommend Monique- she's knowledgeable, easy to talk to, and extremely good at what she does.

Sound Waves

10/12/2017 David

My individual session with Monique was fabulous. I have been battling depression anxiety all of my life and within one session she got to the roots of some of my difficulties using the tuning forks, crystal bowls, and various other instruments, including the gawn. I was really blown away by how much progress I made in such a short amount of time. She is the nicest person and you will have an amazing experience. I highly recommend her.

3/3/2017 maureen

I have attended several of Monique's Sound Healing sessions. Each experience is different yet I find them to be exactly what I need at the time. Monique begins with an explanation of what Sound Healing is and how the brain and body are involved with and respond to the sounds. The session continues with toning to align and balance the chakras. Soon afterwards, everyone lays down and the sounds begin. I love the way Monique incorporates many instruments, especially the Celtic Harp. She follows up with the opportunity to share or and to ask questions. The well being of each person is important to Monique. At the last session, my backache disappeared and the next day I had great energy. I have spoken to others who have had private sessions with Monique which were very very powerful. With her, you will be in good hands!

Jenn L - 2/25/2017

Monique's Sound Healing sessions (often called sound baths) are an amazing experience. She offers them in Santa Monica at a yoga studio and in Long Beach at a pilates studio. I've attended both locations and equally like both. The sessions last about 90 minutes and she plays a vast array of eclectic instruments including a harp, a hang drum, and Tibetan crystal bowls which are absolutely beautiful. Her price is extremely reasonable and the emotional benefits are wonderful. It's an uplifting experience and quite unique. I highly recommend checking out her wonderful sessions. And, she is a super cool lady with happy, positive energy.

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