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LA Sound Healing Monique Hitzman

Monique Hitzman

As a frequency shifter, my intentions are as follows:


  • I want to transport vibrations that will soothe and relax you.


  • Shake you up when you need it and are ready for it.


  • Drum up past issues so you can finally let them go.


  • Create a sacred atmosphere so you can safely and freely go within, connect to your soul and the higher realms.


  • Transmit Light, Love & Peace


  • Expand your consciousness


  • Open your heart


  • Ultimately activate that healing mechanism within yourself, so you can heal on a physical, emotional, mental and Spiritual level and truly start living a fulfilling life!



Sound Healer
Frequency Shifter
Tera Mai Energy Healer
Therapeutic Musician

I am dedicated to helping others recognize their own healing abilities as well as being a conduit of light, love, joy, peace & harmony,

through the healing arrangements of

Music and Sound.

sound bath, sound healing, sound therapy, energy healing, meditation, balance chakras, alternative medicine, vibrational medicine
LA Sound Healing Monique Hitzman

Using Sound is like converting

Spiritual Light into sound waves

LA Sound Healing Sound Bath
LA Sound Healing Sound Bath

  Music expresses that which cannot

be said and on which it is impossible to be silent.              Victor Hugo

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