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Everything is vibration. We can all agree to this. We also know that our thoughts are vibration too and have a huge effect on our well-being. However, it's still difficult for us to keep our thoughts positive. Why is this and how can we guide our millions of thoughts on a more enlightened path? In this blog, I will explain how using sound can help.

I love doing Sound Healing both for private sessions and group sound baths because I benefit from these ancient sounds as I’m doing the work. The evening I do the sound baths I have a sense of expansion, energy and at the same time a feeling of calmness and peace. I also sleep very deeply that same evening.

I often explain that when I do this work I feel like a big observatory opening up to the sky. I can literally feel the expansion in my mind, consciousness and my heart. One of the most profound feelings is that sense of possibilities. The question I asked at the beginning of this blog is why is it so difficult to stay positive when we know that it effects our health and overall well-being? I believe one of the reasons is because we get stuck in narrow minded beliefs that allow ourselves to get trapped into thinking as if were living in a small box. We don’t see the possibilities. We fight the change instead of accepting it. We know, especially during these times of change, that we are presented with some pretty big challenges. Many of us are at a turning point in our lives. We are facing serious health issues, relationships are ending, we’re losing jobs and we are experiencing a complete 180 degree turnaround. What do we do? Let’s look how we’re responding. We can’t change what happened, but we can certainly choose how we respond.

When we fear, we constrict. We can immediately feel it in our bodies through our clenched jaw, tight fist, uneasy stomach or pain in our backs. So it makes sense that our thinking becomes constricted as well. We grasp tightly on that notion of fear, of doom, not having enough or simply not having any other choice. When we’re in that moment of panic, if we could just breathe and lose the fear. We have to accept what is and not fight it. “Whatever we resist, persist.” It’s like body surfing. When we’re in the ocean, if we fight the wave, we’ll crash and tumble to the bottom. We could keep dunking our heads underneath and miss the wave entirely, but what fun would that be? Where would that get us? Probably it would keep us bored, stuck and tired? Sound familiar? Instead if we let go, stretch out and let the wave take us in to the shore. It might be bumpy or you might have to take a few waves to reach the shore, but it’ll be exhilarating and eventually you’ll be at a better place. At least you won’t be stuck, cold and miserable fighting against a greater force that you can’t ever beat. Go with that divine flow. But, how do we really do this in a practical everyday way?

When we are challenged, let’s take a moment to breathe, to let go. As we breathe, concentrate on filling our body with this breath. We can give that breath a color and follow it with our mind’s eye. As our breath travels through our bodies focus on expanding our hearts, connecting to our Divine source and higher selves and then allowing and accepting whatever has presented itself to us. Take the wave in. Don’t fight. Let’s not ask “Why is this happening?” Let’s say, “What now?” “What is my lesson?” And then let go.

When I find my mind to be overly stimulated with lots of thoughts, I do vocal toning, use a crystal bowl or start humming. Sitting in meditation at a time of crisis is challenging, but so rewarding. Going within is really what’s needed. Many people say they can’t meditate during a crisis because they can’t stop their mind. Using a crystal bowl, meditation music, doing toning or any kind of sound work really helps set our bodies and mind at the right frequency so we can find that moment of clarity. Our monkey minds might not be tamed completely, but the sound will create that stillness so we can hear our guidance. It creates that space between the notes so we can hear the voice of our soul and connect to the rhythm of our heartbeat.

This space creates an opening so we can intuitively follow our guidance to the next step. Our bodies tell us what our minds are thinking. When we go within, our bodies can relax and our minds can find peace. So next time you find yourself in a challenging situation, even if it’s in a crowd or at work. Take a moment to look at your thoughts and feel your body. Are you operating from a fear perspective or one of openness and expansion? Check your jaw, your hands or your shoulders. If it’s fear and stress, run to your car or the bathroom or close your door. If you’re in an elevator or with a group, breathe and visualize the breath. Go within. If we don’t go within, we go without. Start humming. Get your singing bowl out. Create that space so you can operate from the divine flow and not the fearful madness. Create that space so you can dive in and take that wave to the shore of a higher consciousness. Change might be challenging, but it’s oh so good in the end and a lot better being “stuck”!!

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