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Nature can put a smile on your face!

“Every sunset brings the promise of a new dawn.”

Ralph Waldo Emerson

Next time you’re feeling down go outside and hug a tree. This might sound like guidance from a hippy, but it’s ultimately good advice. Being in nature, makes us feel better. There is a growing body of evidence that being outside in nature can boost our mood, increase our self-esteem, help with problem solving, focusing, self-discipline, reduce stress and even aggression. There are thousands of scientific studies that show the benefits to specific aliments, such as ADHD, anxiety, depression, heart disease, chronic illnesses, and more.

Perhaps, we’ve lost the desire for the great outdoors because of our infatuation with technology. Moreover, we don’t let our kids play outdoors because of traffic, the fear of strangers and the inability to monitor their whereabouts. The days of roaming the great outdoors all afternoon are long gone. In addition, many younger kids don’t even want to put down the iPads or video games to wander aimlessly on a hiking trail.

On average we check our emails 74 times a day. We are obsessed with our phones, social media and video games. I’m not suggesting that we should live without our tech tools or toys. We just need balance. Nature can be that instrument that brings us back into a harmonious state, so ultimately, our lives are more peaceful instead of stressful.

Nature can put smile on your face!

Scientifically, we know trees gives us oxygen and a 10 minute walk outdoors can boost our mood. But, most important, we know how we feel. Being in Nature gives all our senses a boost. We feel re-charged. When we’re communing with Nature, we leave the rat race behind. Nature gives us the space we need to just be in the moment. To be grateful for being alive. When we’re indoors under fluorescent lights, in front of a computer screen, without windows, the air gets stale. We can get cranky, get headaches and become stressed out. The indoors can suck the life out of us. We can feel trapped.

When we see a sunset, we feel calm. The wind through our hair can be inspiring. The trees remind us that we’re not alone. The scent of flowers can instantly shift our moods. Chemical reactions occur in our bodies when we’re in Nature. Were able to breathe in more oxygen and let go of more toxins.

There’s a technique called “Earthing” where you put your bare feet on the ground to absorb the negative electrons of earth. As a result, we feel grounded. We’ll feel centered in our bodies and connected to the earth. We become more balanced, aware, secure and less reactive.

The next time you’re not feeling well, go to beach. Kick off your shoes. Sit in your garden. Hug a tree. Take a hike. Turn off the electronics and head outdoors. Your health might depend on it

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