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Let Go of Expectations: They’re Future Resentments!

Expectation is the root of all heartache

– William Shakespeare

The definition of expectation is having a strong belief that something in the future will happen or someone will do something a certain way. Basically, we are assuming, hoping, or predicting an outcome. The problem is we become upset when the outcome is different than expected.

Expectations are future resentments.

We often feel disappointed, angry and hurt when our expectations aren’t met. We do it all the time. It’s challenging to plan and work diligently only to find out that all our time, money and heart didn’t deliver the goods or response we wanted. It’s painful when people don’t respond the way we expected.

Furthermore, manifesting our dreams and letting go of expectations at the same time can seem contradictory. If we want to manifest, we certainly have to visualize, set goals and truly believe in what we are trying to attract. The more details the better. However, it’s not in the creation process that we have to let go; it’s actually the outcome. We have to let go of how, why, who, where, when and so forth, of how our ideas, dreams and goals come to fruition.

Being rigid and closed off to an outcome, only bring unhappiness, stress and more suffering. On the other hand, by saying yes to the universe, we get an opportunity to discover the gift in the moment and we open ourselves up to more possibilities. In fact, if we don’t react and instead accept what is, we often discover that in the long run, the situation brings us to a much better place in our life.

Insanity: doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results – Albert Einstein.

Not being glued to a certain outcome will bring us freedom and happiness. It’s really about going with the flow of life. When we are so rigid about following our own agenda, we won’t hear our inner voice guiding us to go a different way. We won’t see the signs. Instead, we’ll be trapped in anger, frustration and disappointment.

We suffer a great deal in our relationships by wishing someone would respond differently than they usually do. Certainly, people can change. Encourage it, but don’t expect it. Instead, we can change. By letting go of our expectations, we won’t be so reactive. We can definitely speak our truth, but being defensive will only increase the negativity. By letting go of expectations, we will react less and build better relationships in the long run.

How to let go of expectations?

  • Be aware – Let go of controlling everything.

  • Meditate – Calms us, connects us to our soul, and helps control our thoughts.

  • Stay in the present moment – The gift is in the present.

  • Be flexible – Go with the flow.

We need goals and dreams. We must keep them in our hearts and cultivate them. We just have to let go what we expect the outcome should be. Take a deep breath, go with the flow and trust life. You might even be surprised and actually enjoy it more than you ever imagined.

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