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Change is inevitable – Don’t resist it. Learn from it.

“The secret of change is to focus all of your energy, not on fighting the old, but on building the new.” Socrates

Change is inevitable. Most of us know this, yet because of fear of the unknown or anticipation of pain and disappointment, we tend to resist it or fight it. By expecting or resisting a certain outcome, we create pain and suffering. By accepting change, going with the flow and learning from it, we can move forward more smoothly.

Sometimes life steers us on unknown paths and presents challenging circumstances. By accepting what’s in front of us, we build a stronger position and are more open to possibilities. We become more aware of the signs along our path guiding us. We won’t waste time wishing things were different. Instead, we can take time to learn the lessons and focus on a new plan of action. Furthermore, it’s often during these moments of tremendous change, where we find our true direction. If we focus on fighting the old, we’ll miss the gift in the present.

Acceptance doesn’t mean complacency. Since everything is constantly changing and moving forward, a new outcome is around the corner. Staying open will guide us to where we need to be. Whereas, rigidity stops the flow and keeps us “stuck”. As we are manifesting, we look at the big picture, take action, but try to remain as flexible and open as possible, so we can follow the guidance we are receiving.

Change is definitely a catalyst to improve our lives. That’s usually why we have so much resistance to begin with. In addition, we often don’t change negative behavior unless we’re forced to. However, I don’t think suffering and pain are the only ways to become enlightened or force us to make positive changes. Once we accept what is and give up trying to force an outcome, we open ourselves up to unlimited possibilities. Staying in the present moment and not worrying about the future or the past, keeps us in the flow.

How do we do this? Meditation and Mindfulness are always the main ingredients. We quiet our minds and create space so we can be more aware throughout the day, listen and trust the messages we receive. When we are connected and follow our inner guidance, we align with Spirit and the journey becomes clearer and, ultimately, more meaningful.

Our bodies, the earth, our relationships, and our society, reflect back to us what’s not working and what needs to change. The Solar Eclipse on August 21, 2017, has accelerated these changes. A lot of us can feel these great shifts of energy and consciousness. It’s challenging to say the least, but let’s try to look at this period as a great opportunity to finally let go of the old negative patterns and beliefs that no longer serve us.

Change is inevitable, but, in the long run, we might be pleasantly surprised to find that it doesn’t necessarily mean we’re giving something up. Instead, if we accept it and learn from it, we might find that we’ve gained more than we ever could have imagined.

“Change is hard at first, messy in the middle and gorgeous at the end.” Robin Sharma

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