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Aromatherapy - The Healthy Balance Between Body, Mind and Spirit

Many people falsely believe that aromatherapy means a pretty scent emanating from candles, fresheners or perfumes. Actually, aromatherapy is the therapeutic application of essential oils diluted from plants, including the flower, root, stems and leaves for a variety of physical, mental, emotional and spiritual conditions. Aromatherapy encourages the body’s natural ability to heal itself and enhances a healthy balance between our body, mind and spirit.

Aromatherapy is considered an alternative medicine and is gaining in popularity. Many hospitals and clinics are employing professionals to use essential oils for their patients for a varieties of conditions such as, stress, nervousness, pain relief, mental alertness, depression, anxiety and sleep. The abundance of healing benefits, combined with the absence of side effects found in traditional medicine, make it an attractive alternative.

As most alternative modalities, aromatherapy is an ancient practice. The Aborigines used eucalyptus to successfully heal wounds. Records show that thousands of years ago, the indigenous people used tea tree oil as antimicrobial agent to heal fungal and bacterial infections. Fortunately, today, aromatherapy is finally being recognized as a legitimate healing modality.

Specific oils have specific benefits and are combined together for a more powerful effect. It’s recommended to consult a professional before mixing your own oils because some can be toxic when combined together or cause allergies. However, many co-op and health food stores have bottles of essential oils ready to use.

Essential oils can either be used with a diffuser, inhaled directly from the bottle or rubbed into your hands or cloth. In addition, to the many health benefits, essential oils, without the harmful chemicals, are a great substitute for household cleaners, spot removers, pest control, mold removers, hair moisturizers and more.

Depending on your need, there’s an abundance of essential oils to choose from. However, there are 4 oils everyone should always have in their medicine cabinet: Eucalyptus, peppermint and lavender and tea tree-oil.

Benefits of Eucalyptus:

  • Treat colds and flu

  • Boosts Immune system

  • Reduces inflammation and congestion

  • Aids digestion – bloating, constipation, indigestion

  • Provides respiratory, sinus, asthma and allergy relief

  • Antiseptic properties to treat wounds

  • Enhances cognitive functions

  • Pest Control

  • Odor remover

Tea Tree:

  • Increases energy level

  • Skin therapy for psoriasis, insect bites

  • Fungal and bacterial infections

  • Head lice

  • Bad Breath

  • Earaches

  • Congestion and respiratory infections

  • Cold sores


  • Sleep aid

  • Increases circulation, energy and natural healing

  • Helps eczema and acne

  • Mood enhancer – reduces stress, depression, anxiety

  • Aids digestion – bloating, constipation, indigestion

  • Provides relaxation, calmness


  • Pain Relief -headaches, joints and muscle

  • Reduces inflammation, colds and congestion

  • Aids digestion – bloating, constipation, indigestion

  • Sinus and asthma relief

  • Enhances cognitive functions

  • Boosts Immune system and energy levels

  • Reduces nausea

  • Reduces food cravings

  • Anti-itch

  • Reduces fever

Aromatherapy is an effective, gentle yet powerful healing modality that should be included in everyone’s health regime.

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